This is where it all begins and ends. Every single service linked to a wedding is considered to be absolutely necessary, that is true. However, in case the dj does not show up, the wedding party is already a fail. It may seem to be an extravagant scenario, but would you ever risk that?..

It is imperative that, at least, two meetings are to be planned and carried out before the actual thing, wedding ceremony and reception, either on Skype or live in our premises. The first meeting serves as a mutual bridge, to get to know each other. Our wish is for our clients to know who the head manager of the company is and to be reassured that the collaboration is to be realized legally, with an impeccable company. The second half of the meeting is based on understanding the music choices of the couple, their best friends, the two families and their guests, by writing down in detail everything that pleases our client. Therefore, it is our job to line up the data and make suggestions on how the event is to evolve throughout the night.

The second –and usually last – meeting is the one to demonstrate which one amongst our colleagues will be in charge of the music set –up. It is imperative that each couple know in advance and in personal their dj and vice versa.

During the actual event we all go by the plan that has already been arranged in our premises. However, under certain circumstances, the scenario can be modified by the dj, in case his skilled eye witnesses anything that could jeopardize the reception in any way. Our goal is to fill the dance floor with as many people as possible for as long as possible. If this idea is controversial to our client’ s will, it should be stated during the last meeting, in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.